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This page gives a quick review on online casino software companies which are at the heart of any online casino game. We will first be explaining how software works in terms of their functions and reliability. Then we will move on to a brief introduction on the top online casino software clients; you can view the full review by clicking on the software name.

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By the end of this article we hope you are able to trust online casino games more as we explain how the software functions in terms of fairness with the aim of providing you an online casino experience close to land casinos.

How casino software works?

There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet and almost all of them are based on at least one of the tens or so software platforms. All online casinos are backed by software clients who design and create the game and all its features. The games these companies provide can be played in two platforms; a download and non-download platform.

In download casino, you need to download and install a software form the casino website which givs you access to all the core functions such as registration, depositing, playing games, withdrawing and customer support.

Non-download casinos are played through the web-browser itself and does not require the user to download any software from the computer. All core functions are done through the casino’s website.

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In terms of functionality, on a basic level players need to understand two terms; Payout rates and Random number generators.

Let’s first have a look at Random Number Generators (RNG)

RNG is on the basis of which a casino game is played. Online Casino games played against the house is controlled by a Random Number Generator. RNG results the total randomization of each round of the game you play. For instance, in pokies, the random number that has been chosen when you spin the reels is what results in the outcome of your spin. The same theory is applicable to Roulettes or any other game.

The RNG uses a formula known as an algorithm which is a series of instructions for generating the numbers. The scope of this is beyond most of our mathematical knowledge but can be checked for accuracy. There are certain authorities that test these RNGs of casino software therefore it is very important that you check on whether the provided casino software has been approved by the authorities.

The software clients listed in this page are all accurately approved by the Casino Control Board and other licensing authorities and the recommended in the highest level.

Payout Rates

Payout Rates are the mathematical probability of a casino redistributing the wagered money back to the players in a long-term average basis. High payouts generally mean high chances of a player winning on average. These rates are distributed on a long-term basis calculated in a mathematical manner.

ecograorg-450X374A payout percentage is the percentage on the amount paid back to the player against the bet placed. This calculation involves all the games at a casino site in order to provide the payout percentage. At some sites, payout percentages are calculated for various game types, such as slots or blackjack, and then calculated also as a casino payout percentage. The payout percentage shows how much of the money that is placed on bets at the casino is then paid out as winnings.

For example, if the payout percentage of pokies in a casino is 94%, it mean on average, every $100 wagered on slot games, $94 is paid out in winnings. In this example, the house edge is known to be 6%. This is not applicable on every individual player but a large group on a long-term basis. Payout percentage is an average figure therefore it fluctuates. There are numerous cases where the payout percentage is above 100%. On a long-term basis, if the amount given back to the players as winnings exceeds the total bet received, the payout percentage exceeds 100% and the house edge is negative.

Payout Percentage is normally audited by a governing body and reputed casinos disclose their payout percentage which can be easily checked out in their website itself. Therefore, checking that the payouts have been audited by an independent company provides authenticity to the figures. It is worthwhile checking that the payout report is displayed at the site.



  • Established: 1994, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
  • Website:
  • The first company to create online casino software
  • Microgaming’s casino software platform features more than 600 games.
  • One of the most reliable and popular software clients
  • Offers a wide range of top-notch progressive slot games

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Betsoft Gaming


  • Established: 1999, UK
  • Website:
  • Leaders in cinematic 3D slot games
  • Vast collection of popular casino games

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1X2 Gaming


  • Established: 2003, Brighton & Hove, UK
  • Website:
  • Gained popularity for their developed in Virtual Sports betting
  • Wide range of casino games like slots, blackjacks, scratch cards, virtual games and more

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