Australian land based casinos

In Australia, the Casino industry grew enormously during the 90’s and is now home to some of the world’s great casinos, hotels and resorts. Gambling services are now a major industry in Australia and occupy a big slice of government and state revenue. Statistics show that around 70% Australians were involved in some form of gambling in 2009. The gambling industry revenue of the country in 2008-09 crossed just over AU$19 billion and contributed around AU$5 billion in government revenues.

Casinos are one of Australia’s landmarks today. Even with a small number of just 13 casinos in the entire country, their facilities, services and range of gambling options match anything from the Las Vegas strip and Macau. These casinos contribute towards a large portion of the 19 billion AUD and players from not just Australia but all over the world arrive at this soon to be Gambling Hub to try out their luck.

Below is the list of all casinos in Australia:

  • Adelaide Casino (Adelaide)interactive-gambling-act-2001-Australia-548532
  • Alice Springs Casino (Northern Territory)
  • Casino Canberra (Canberra)
  • Country Club Casino (Launceston)
  • Crown Casino (Melbourne)
  • Crown Perth  (Perth)
  • Jupiters Casino Townsville (Townsville)
  • Jupiters Gold Coast (Gold Coast)
  • Skycity Darwin (Darwin)
  • The Reef Casino Hotel (Cairns)
  • The Star Casino (Sydney)
  • Treasury Casino (Brisbane)
  • Wrest Point Hotel (Hobart)

Licensing and Jurisdictions

Gambling policy in Australia has been primarily the responsibility of the states and territories rather than Commonwealth. All states have casinos under their respective jurisdictions. They regulate and provide gambling services to casinos and other gambling houses. They charge a license fee and tax the revenue of these casinos and the charges collected are a significant source of government income. Lately, Commonwealth has been more involved to help and support the issue of Problem Gambling on a more national approach.

  • ACT Racing and Gambling Commission

The ACT Racing and Gambling commission is an independent statutory authority that controls and regulates all betting activities in the Australian Capital Territory. Casino Canberra Ltd. is the only casino in the territory licensed under this jurisdiction and is regulated under the Casino Control Act 2006. This authority conducts all the necessary activities such as licensing, regulating, monitoring and auditing of casinos and other betting activities within the Capital Territories.

  • NT Racing and Gaming Authority

All the casinos and betting activities within the Northern Territories of Australia are regulated under Northern Territories Racing and Gaming Authority. This body administers and directs the gambling houses whereas the license is issued by Northern Territories Gaming Machine Commission. This licensing and gambling service division of the Department of Business (Northern Territory Government) works closely with NT Racing and Gaming Authority and together act as a controlling body for the gambling acts of the territory. Skycity Darwin Casino in Darwin and Lasseters Casino in Alice Spring are licenses under this authority.

  • NSW Department of Liquor, Gaming & Racing

NSW Department of Liquor, Gaming & Racing licenses and controls all the gambling, racing, and other betting activities in New South Wales. The NSW Casino Control Authority which operates within the NSWDLGR licenses and supervises the operations of the casinos. The body is also responsible for approving and improving technical standards of the gaming machines, monitoring gaming revenue collected through gaming activities and developing and implementing gaming policies and regulations. The Star Casino in Sydney is licensed under NSW Casino Control Authority.

  • Queensland Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing

This department under the Queensland Government licenses and regulates the operations of Lotteries, Keno, Sports and Race Wagering and Casinos within Queensland State. Currently Jupiters Casino (Gold Coast), Jupiters Townsville Hotel & Casino, Jupiters Treasury Casino (Brisbane) and Reef Casino Cairns are under the jurisdiction of this authority. This body also taxes these casinos, some on a flat basis and some on progressive. The tax on EMG by this authority is a flat 30% (with an exception of 20% for Reef Casino Cairns) and around 20% for regular games like table games and keno.

  • Independent Gambling Authority

IGA or also known as Gaming Supervisory Authority of South Australia licenses and effectively supervises the operations of the casinos and other gambling acts falling within the State. The Authority exercises functions and powers under the legislation relevant to each forms of gambling that take place under their jurisdiction. This authority functions under the Independent Gambling Authority Act 1995 and works hand in hand with the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, who is responsible for the constant inspection of licensed gambling businesses. Adelaide Casino is the sole casino licensed under IGA.

  • Tasmanian Gaming Commission

Tasmanian Gaming Commission is an independent body established under the Gaming Control Act 1993 and responsible for licensing and gaming regulations within Tasmania. The Tasmanian Gaming Commission collected tax revenue of 23.55 Million AUD in the in the year 2011-12 from Wrest Point Hotel casino and Country Club casino, the 2 casinos in Tasmania. Wrest Point Hotel Casino was the first Australian Casino ever to be licensed.

  • Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority

This body authorizes, regulates and monitors all gambling activities in Victoria. It approves the issue lottery tickets and kenos, registers bookmakers and casinos employees and endorses betting events within that region. It also imposes fines of AU$ 144.36 per one penalty unit for any acts against their regulations. The authority has licensed Crown Casino – a unit of Crown Limited in approval of its casino operations under the Casino Control Act 1991. VCGA charges a flat tax rate of 13% in most betting activities.

  • Western Australia Office of Racing, Gaming & Liquor

The Office of Racing, Gaming & Liquor, Western Australia operates under the Casino Control Act 1984. Crown Perth (formerly known as Burswood Casino or Burswood Entertainment Complex) and the authority body have an agreement subject to this act and later on the office applied additional restrictions to the casino’s policies in 1998. The body is responsible for licensing, inspection and audit function of Crown Perth and any gambling house that would further be established in Western Australia. The State has a relatively low average gambling tax rate of 4%.

Individual Gambling Tax in Australia

As seen above, taxes and fees are charges from State-to State in Australia. The licensing and authorizing bodies collect revenues through Turnover Tax, Tax on player loss, Net Profit tax, License fees and fines from Casinos and other Gambling houses. However, on a personal level, gambler’s winnings are not taxed in Australia as the Government views gambling as a hobby and a recreational activity rather than a profession and all the winnings are not considered as income but just good luck.

Problem Gambling

Even though gambling is a favorite activity among many Aussies, no one can or should deny the dark side. Problem Gambling is a situation where the gambler crosses his own limitations and gambles on despite of a desire to stop. The Australian government passed legislation on 29 November 2012 called National Gambling Reform act 2012 to reduce Problem Gambling. The purpose of this legislation is to minimize the harmful effects of Pokie Machines. The revenue for Casino houses and the Government is tremendous but the true facts are staggering, Australians spend around $12 billion dollars just on playing pokies in 2008-09. The legislation passed by the government is a single but a vital step to control addictive gambling.

Up to 500,000 players in Australia are or on the verge to be Problem Gamblers and only around 15 per cent of them seek help.

As your guide, has an obligation to care about gamblers and spread the positive message of make gambling safer and protect people whose gambling is out of control. Let us all enjoy gambling the way it was meant to be. fully supports the National Gambling Reform Act undertaken by the Australian Government and advises you to enjoy gambling responsibly.