Online Pokies pays tribute to an online casino game that has proven its dominance in the internet gambling world by providing users with every possible attribute that one might be looking for while playing at an online casino.
Pokies (Australian and New Zealand English), also referred to as Slots (American English), Fruit Machine (British English), the Slots (Canadian English) first started as a replica of the traditional land-based pokie game, and now has turned out to be the most popular online casino game, highly satisfying millions of players around the globe.

Today, numerous software clients together have created 500+ games, each one of them delivering great overall contentment and payouts over the years. Pokies, in most online casinos today represent for a majority of the games available, and for good reason. Players have so many options to choose from regarding their betting options and payouts making the game highly flexible and even more enjoyable.


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Pokies History

liberty-bell-slot-machine-bac-486332We can trace back the history of Slots towards the 19th century. The first mechanical slot machine was the Liberty Bell in San Francisco by Charles Fey, a car mechanic. This slot machine didn’t have the modern symbols and icons that we find today. Comprised of card suits, Diamonds, Spades, Hearts and a cracked Liberty Bell, this pokie was such a big hit that Fey couldn’t fulfill its demand by producing them in his small shop.

The result of such massive attraction and attention can now be experienced today as the demand for more creative and better paying pokie games grow day by day.

The birth of online slots began from the mid-1990s. It had basic graphics with just 3 reels and one payline, and it might be surprising to most of you that it can still be played today in many well-known online casinos. Since then, the game has evolved into a massive
difference between Online pokie & Land-based pokie.

The most popular games in a casino are slots. They generally have better payouts than any other table game and provide variations in there themes making each slot machine different. After gaining such immense popularity, there was a question whose answer revolutionized the online casino industry; can these slots translate to the internet? And the answer was a big YES!

Land-based slots have been digital for many years providing exclusive attributes that land-based slots failed to deliver. Let’s face it; it is far easier to modify a game controlled by software to make it better and bigger than to an actual slot machine. With this simple idea, software clients were able to add features such as added paylines, free spins, bonuses etc. into slots creating a whole new level of pokie playing.

Who’s ever heard of a player winning free spins on every machine on a Vegas slot machine? No one, because no one would give you free coins, and the feature’s built in only handful machines, but this feature is now available in almost every online pokie game available. Additionally, players can take full advantage of various settings that they can modify to suit their skills and budgets, like changing the number of paylines or playing the expert mode. The extensive range of themes found in online pokies made every pokie game different providing a unique experience to customers, making sure they never get bored.

Online pokies provide other unseen benefits. For instance, you can take a comfortable chair, sit on your desk, at home or anywhere else with an access to the internet and play the game of your choice with a single click. Try taking your own chair in a casino and see how comfortable that feels.

Among so many advantages that online pokies hold over land-based pokies, perhaps the most persuasive argument would be how you earn your comps. Internet casinos offer free comps in so many ways; it sometimes might seem too good to be true. You not only get bonuses while playing online pokies, just signing-in or registering with a casino can give you astonishing bonuses.

Technology used in Internet Pokies understand that a lot of users have questions regarding the reliability of online pokies. We believe that players can better enjoy the game after clearing any doubts or queries on security issues and technology.

The basic operational format of an online pokie is similar to its counterpart Land-based pokie. However, to play the game requires either a download and installation of a gaming software in your PC, or the availability of Flash that is necessary to play them online. Microprocessing inside the slot games now enable them to be played in online with the same reliability as any land-based pokie machine.

All the combinations of the symbols are created through a ‘Random Number Generator’ and if a user playes in reputable casinos using reputable software clients like Microgaming or Betsoft, they should be safe. RNGs randomly take a number, change it and subject it to a complex mathematical equation which immediately generated an outcome. And that outcome is shown as a reel symbol on the pokie game. The same applies to the payout rates, which is why the percentage differs from game-to-game, making one pokie more worthwhile than the other.

Types of Online Pokies

It is evident that online pokies are among the most popular internet casino games. In order to keep the players involved, online pokies have been featured with great style and design. The limitless themes that these pokies show-off are enough to make you stay in love with this game forever. From comic book themes like The Hulk, Hollywood hits like The Hell Boy right up to your favorite celebrities like The Osbournes, you can find all the modern themes you want. Sports, Adventure, Lifestyle, Fantasy, Action, Old Skool, the categories see no end.

In terms of design, pokies are generally categorized into 4 types:

  •   Classic pokie

Also known as reel slots, there are virtual imitations of your traditional pokie machines that normally comprise of just 3 reels and 9 or less pay lines. Their buttons are filled with the classic spin, bet line and bet max and symbols like 7’s, cherries, lemons, bells, diamonds and card suits from 9s to As are normally found in their reels. You can find very limited bonus features in these games but these pokies are a haven for anyone who’s still into those machines that started it all. Diamond Dreams, Captain Cash and Lucky 7 are few of the many popular classic pokie games that you can find online.

  • Video pokie

Video pokie have more advanced elements such as 5 reels, 9 or more pay lines, a wide variety of pay lines (some even up to a 100), extensive range of bonus features and your favorite themes. The symbols depend on the theme. Most of them also include the classic suits from 9’s to A’s. Some of the trendy and well-admired video pokies include The Dark Knight, Cashapillar, Thunderstruck, Slot Father and Aztec Treasure.

  • 3D pokie

These are the ultimate pokie games delivering excellent 3D graphics and flawless animations. These games are more interactive and there is no doubt about the amazing payouts that they deliver. Try out some of the best 3D games like Rook’s Revenge, After Night Falls, A Night in Paris and Aztec Treasures.

  • Progressive pokies

Progressive pokies are usually a part of a massive jackpot network that gradually grows as players along that network play on. They offers jackpots that are larger than usual and players who hit that pot are sure to flip out as some of them even top the 1,000,000 mark. You can imagine the thrill of hitting one of those jackpot combinations and getting seriously cashed up. Design wise progressive pokies normally reflect either a video or a 3D style. Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Lots a loot are some of the biggest progressive jackpots available.

All slots have mechanical reels which display symbols. The same concept is used in online pokies but with virtual reels. Reels are normally classified in 2 types; 3 reels and 5 reels.

As the name suggests, 3 reel pokies have 3 different reels which define most of the game features, such as pay line and betting options. These are the original version of the popular casino game. You can picture them your classic slot machines in Vegas and normally classic pokies have 3 reels.

5 reel pokie games comprise of more attributes than 3 reels. Due to the fact that the game has more reels, it may offer a wider selection of pay lines and wagering opportunities.

General Features and common pokie terms

  • Spin

This button is normally found on the bottom right of the game and clicking it spins activates the spinning of the reels.

  • Reels

Reels are virtual disks in an online pokie that display symbols and the combination is created after they spin and stop. They are generally divided into 3 and 5 reels.

  • Rows

Row is the horizontal symbols shown in a pokie game. A game can have 3, 4, or even 5 rows.

  • Symbols

Symbols are icons that are displayed in the reels of a game. Their combination determines the amount a player wins. Normally a game would display classic symbols like 7’s, cherries, diamonds, bells, suits from 9’s to A’s but games with a specific theme might include other symbols representing the theme. For example, a pokie named A Night in Paris with a theme of crime/mystery has symbols like The Eiffel Tower, a French cop, a burglar, expensive art pieces, a couple falling in love etc.

  • Pay lines

Pay lines are lines that pass through symbols from left to right. The combinations that go through these pay lines evaluate your winnings. Pay line can be of any shape and have different payouts. Classic pokies have 3 to 9 pay lines where as video pokies have up to 100 pay lines. You can select the number of pay line you want to play.

  • 243/1024 ways

These games are not to be confused with 243 pay lines. They just mean the here are 243 ways to create a combination by getting symbols adjacent to each other but irrespective of the fact where the symbols lie. Mathematically, 243 ways were derived from 3X3X3X3X3 = 243 signifying a game with 5 reels and 3 rows.

The similar concept goes for 1024 ways, mathematically 4X4X4X4X4, meaning a pokie with 5 reels and 4 rows.
These features do not necessarily increase the average payout rate for players. They change other attributes to match the regular payout level.

  • Coin amount

This button found on the bottom left of the game chooses the coin size for you to play with. The range of coin size depends on the game.

  • Bet / Coin per lines

Bet/Coin per line means the amount of coins you put on a single active pay line. The bet per line is directly proportional to you winnings. For example, 5 bet per line you multiply your basic wins by 5. The change on a bet per line changes the rate of pay without changing the number of pay lines. Bet per line is not available in 243/1024 way games since they do not have pay lines.
The coin amount is multiplied with the bet per line and then multiplied with the number of pay lines to calculate you total bet.

  • Bet Max

Clicking on Bet Max automatically selects the highest bet per line and spins the reels. This feature is mandatory in order to win a jackpot because usually the highest payouts are a result of betting max on a game.

  • Auto Play

Some pokies have an Auto Play feature which enables the player to spin the reels automatically without having to click Spin every time. The player needs to select the coin amount, number of pay lines and bet per lien they are comfortable with and select a specific number of spins they want automated. All the wins during these spins are paid out immediately.

  • Pay table / Info

The pay table is the sign on the pokie game that tells what all the different winning combinations are and how many credits they each win. They show the number of different symbols required at create a winning combination with their respective rewards. Additionally, they also show what combinations are necessary to gain additional bonuses like free spins, multipliers or play the bonus game.

Understanding pokie bonuses and Special Features

A feature that makes online pokies critically bigger, better and more innovative are its bonuses. Almost every online pokie has some sort of special feature attached to it and understanding them will definitely help you score some serious payouts. At we believe that it is better to understand and loose rather than not understand and win. Below are some features that most pokies have:

  • Wild Symbols

This is a common feature found in pokies where one or more specific symbol is assigned as wild. It will substitute any other to create a winning combination for you. For example, if a series of 3 A’s give a payout; an A,A, and wild will also give you the same payout. In most video pokies, the wild symbol might not substitute the scatter symbols as they also give out scatter pays.

  • Scatter Symbols

Many pokies assign a specific symbol as scatter symbols. These symbols mostly give out scatter pays meaning 2, 3, 4 or 5 (depending on the game) of those symbols will give additional pays to your regular pay line pays. Furthermore, these symbols also lead to various other features like free spins, multipliers and bonus games.

  • Hold

This feature is mostly found in classic pokie. There are hold buttons below the reel and after you click spin and the symbols in the reel show up, you can hold any or all of the reels and go for a second spin. All the reels except the ones that were held are spun again offering another chance to create a more rewarding combination.

  • Nudge

Nudge is another classic pokie feature where players randomly get the chance to shift a position of one of the reels to create a combination. So by clicking the nudge button the next symbol on a reel is shifted towards the pay line.

  • Free games / Free Spins

This is a popular feature found in almost every online slot game. This feature is normally triggered by getting a certain number of scatter symbols. Depending on the number of symbols scattered, you are allowed to play certain number of free games. The reels spin automatically and the all the winnings are rewarded immediately. Imagine the amount of credits you can win by getting all these free spins.

  • Multipliers

Multiplies are also common rewards that are featured in many online pokies. As the name suggests, you wins are multiplied with your rewarded multiplier after you are eligible for this bonus. You are rewarded multipliers by getting symbols scattered in the reels. They specific symbol needed to win multipliers are elaborately shown in the pay table.

  • Gamble Features

The gamble feature enables the player to bet his winnings. The feature is available only after a player spins a winning combination. You then click on the Gamble button and wager your wins on a different game, for example, guessing the colour or suit of the card. If you correctly guess the color, you wins are doubled and a correctly guessed suit quadruples your wins. Unsuccessful guess looses you your wins.

How to Play Pokies

Learning to play online pokie is even easier than land-based pokies. Most of them follow the same pattern and the same rule of pay outs apply to all. Once a player is familiar with the button, and comfortable with all its attributes, he’s sure to know what he’s doing. gives some simple instructions in understanding and playing online pokie:

  • Open the payouts page before spinning the reels to understand all the necessary combinations required for pay outs and bonuses.
  • Make sure you go through all the betting options and ranges available to make sure it matches your budget.
  • Choose the coin amount you want to wager.
  • Choose the pay lines you want to play.
  • Choose your bet per line.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the Total Amount.
  • Click on Spin and hope the symbols on the reels stop along a high paying pay line.

Pokies Summary

Players are offered an array of pokie games to choose from. This wonderful game has truly set the bars high enough to raise play expectation with every latest game update. Software clients and online casinos have to constantly reassure that they provide only the biggest and the best. Software Clients like Microgaming, Betsoft and NextGen are among the leading pokie game designers and providers offering an extensive range of themes, payouts, bonuses and jackpots in their games.

It is important for players to find an online casino that offer flawless services with a wide variety of pokie games to choose from., one of the leading casinos in the industry, offers 300+ pokie games. At EmuCasino you can find traditional pokies like Diamond Dreams, Triple Crown, themed video pokies like Slot Father and Thunderstruck, 3D pokies providing faultless animations like After Night Falls, At the Copa and Aztec Treasures and progressive slots with massive jackpots like Mega Moolah and The Dark Knight. encourages all the players to enjoy this wonderfully invented game and wish you good luck from the very first SPIN.

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