Loyalty Programmes

A loyalty programme is a marketing effort that encourages customers to demonstrate a loyal purchasing behaviour through rewards and preferences. The customers, especially in the casino industry, search for loyalty programmes which might assist them to gamble with less burden of monetary pressure. The casinos, both land-based and online, usually recognize the importance of rewarding their faithful customers through right enticements like great deals or discounts to keep the players in the game.

A loyalty programme, offered by the casinos, is basically a win-win situation for both the customers and the casinos. From a gambler’s perspective, these loyalty programmes are designed to benefit them by providing rewards for staying at the same casino for a long time. The casino, on the other hand, doesn’t lose its valuable customers to its competition.

Loyalty Programmes: Types

  • Rewards

The bonus points you gain from the casino can be converted into rewards. The reward is mostly bonus cash which can’t be cashed out but can be wagered on any games in the casino just like money i.e. you will still get to win real cash with your bonus points.

  • Auction Variation

This type of loyalty programme works on an auction system rather than the trade system. In an auction variation, the wagers you make at the online casino will earn you points which can be later used to win prizes.

  • Levels

Most of the online casinos use a multi-levelled loyalty programme, which means they will reward you based on your position in the hierarchical level. You have to start at the bottom level, and work your way up to the higher levels by earning a certain number of points, or by depositing a certain amount of money.


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Loyalty Programme: Cash-back Programme

If you have had a bad day at the casino, you lose a lot of money, and you wish you hadn’t spent so much; what would you do? Fortunately for you, some of the best online casinos offer a cash-back scheme for its loyal customers. If you are one of those customers who are loyal to a particular casino then you can get certain portion of your lost cash back in to your account. The casinos that offer this scheme will pay you back on weekly or monthly basis.

The amount you earn in cash-back varies from one casino to other. Moreover, the amount of cash-back you receive is directly proportional to the amount of money you spend in an online casino. For instance, if you are a high roller and you spend a lot of money per month playing online casino games, you will earn higher cash-back reward than an average gambler. Online casinos usually offer 5% to 20% cash-back to its loyal customers.

Cash-back programme: How it Works

The cash-back programme varies from one online casino site to the next; for instance, some casinos require you to send a request to the casino cashier for a cash-back bonus while other online casino sites run the cash-back programme automatically. The amount of money you will have to wager in order to qualify for cash-back may alter from one promotional period to the next, though normally you have to spend a good amount of money at an online casino before claiming your cash-back bonuses.

Cash-back Programme: Terms and Conditions

Similar to any other online casino promotions, it is vital for you to read the terms and conditions that come with any cash-back programme. You have to make sure that you understand what games count towards cash-back bonus offers and what games do not. You also have to understand how much you have to wager before you qualify, and if there is a cap on your offer; some online casinos place the cap as minimum as 5% a month, while others place it at 25% or more. The only way to know a casino’s cashback percent is to read its terms and conditions.

Almost every online casino offers a cashback programme; for instance, EmuCasino will give you 15% cash-back based on the profits the house makes after you register an account with it. Moreover, EmuCasino monitors your game-play and will adjust your casino cash-back rate accordingly from 15% to 25%.

How to Choose a Casino Cash-back Programme

You must consider the following points listed below before you choose a casino cash-back programme:

  • You have to think if you have a plan to wager enough at a particular online casino to qualify for its’ cash-back programme. After you research on a particular online casino’s cash-back programme, you will know how much you have to wager to participate in the site’s cash-back bonus programme. After your research you will have to decide if the site is appealing enough for you to spend the required amount of cash to qualify for cash-back. You will also have to consider the interface design, promotions, the game software and perks before you sign up chasing a cash-back bonus.
  • You will also have to consider the frequency of payout on cash-back bonuses i.e. would you prefer weekly cash-back payout or monthly cash-back payout?
  • You will also have to check if the cash-back programme, offered by a particular casino, is a special offer or a full-time promotion. If you are looking for regular cash-back bonus payout, you would want to avoid sites that are running temporary cash-back bonus programme, or sites that only offer cash-back a few times a year.