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Casino Bonuses

With hundreds of casinos roaming around the internet, what makes a player type in a specific name? Among many factors, Casino bonuses tend to separate the exceptional casinos from the regular ones. Between such intensive competitions among online casinos, casino bonuses are an extra incentive to attract players.

While most land-based casinos provide bonuses by providing free food and accommodation to their customers, online casinos endow customers with free cash and credits deposited in their accounts. Most casinos come up with new schemes every month or even every week to shift players to their casinos.

Bonuses: an advantage of playing online casino

No land-based casino is crazy enough to hand in piles of cash as you walk in, and hand you additional cash as your wager on. They might give players loan if they run out of money, but that’s about it. One of the prime reason online casino has caught attention are its bonuses, UNLIMITED bonuses, a feature almost unavailable in traditional casinos.

Apart from the higher return rates that online casinos offer relative to traditional casino houses, online casinos provide a lot of prizes and bonuses to players, especially to those who play in their websites for the first time.

Some bonuses that casinos offer seem to be quite alluring but it is necessary that a player analyzes and understands them carefully. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Bonus Balances

All bonuses that players receive are normally transferred to a separate player account called the bonus balances. These are non-cashable balances or ‘sticky’ bonuses that are later transferred to the player’s cash balance maintained with the casino after meeting all the wagering requirements.

Types of Bonuses

Online casinos come up with more innovative and attractive incentives to lure players into their website, making the competition even fierce. Nowadays a wide-range of bonus is automatically expected from any player and a basic sign-in bonus is common in any internet. briefs on some bonuses that most online casinos offer:

  • Welcome bonus/ Sign-in bonus

The Sign-in bonus or the new-player bonus is when a player is transferred bonus cash to their casino account on the basis of their first deposit. The idea behind initiating this bonus is that a player deposits a small amount of money initially and receive an amount usually equivalent to, or greater than, the amount they first deposited. If the bonus is given as a percentage (that can range from 50% to 300% depending on the casino) on the initial deposit, it is called Percentage Bonus. If the casino offers bonus deposits equally matching the initial amount deposited it is a Matched Bonus.

  • Reload Bonus

This is the bonus that gets the players going. It’s the bonus offered when you reopen or reimburse your account. Casinos offer reload bonuses to keep players attached to the casino so they do not quit gambling on their website and shift to some other online casino house.

These bonuses follow the concept of sign-in bonuses but on the 2nd and 3rd deposit but some casinos go further than that.

  • No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is a promotion that offers visitors money to open a new account in their casino. The term implies that the customer does not have to deposit any money of their own and the casino funds them to open an account. They are different from a welcome bonus as they do not require any initial deposit from the player. But in most casinos, in order to withdrawal their bonus winnings, the player must make his own deposit.

  • Preferred deposit bonus

Although most casinos offer a wide-range of banking options to the players, some casinos usually prefer a specific type of deposit method. If the player deposits with this particular electronic medium, the casino adds bonus credits in their account. Casinos have various reasons on choosing one deposit method over the other, and they reward the player upon using that method which usually ranges from 5% to 10% of the amount deposited. Casinos clearly state their desired method of payments in their website.

  • Refer a friend bonus

Casinos use a bonus strategy to attract new players through their ‘Refer a friend bonus’, which has proven beneficial for both the players and the casino. If the current player successfully invites a friend to join the online casino, most casinos offer a bonus for requesting your friend to play online. The bonus is rewarded only after the friend successfully registers with the casino after the player’s recommendation. Normally casinos reward $50 as a bonus but might differ depending on the casino.

  • Free spin bonus

These are non cash bonuses offered by some online casinos like EmuCasino. They get a code through which they receive free spins that can take advantage of in some selected games, mostly slots. Free spin bonuses offer a great chance to win a lot more than any other cash bonuses offered by online casinos. The wins from these free spins are transferred to the player’s bonus balance.

Wagering requirements

Casinos don’t just give out bonuses so players can grab them and run away, they want players to enjoy those bonuses playing at the same casino and wager more. These requirements are implemented to prevent bonus abuse. feels that it is important for players to understand these stipulations before they start utilizing these bonuses and later caught by surprise.

Wagering/Play through requirements is the number of times a player needs to wager the bonus or bonus plus deposit (mostly initial) in the casino game before treating them as cash. Casinos expect players to fulfill these requirements by wagering those bonuses certain number of times on specific games to utilize these bonuses. These numbers range from 15x to 40x depending on the casino. Normally, the more attractive the bonuses seem the higher the wager requirements and the more number of times it needs to be wagered.

For example, if the casino offers a sign-in bonus at 100% match up to $100, wagering requirement of 15X and the player deposits $200 for open his account, he will need to wager 15 X $100 i.e. $1500 worth of wager to fulfill these requirements.

The casino does not allow players to wager these bonuses on all the games available. In most casinos, wagering the bonuses on Craps or Roulette might now count as fulfilling a wagering requirement. Wagering bonuses on games like Blackjacks or Video poker often count towards play through requirement but on a reduced rate.

Wagering requirements are explained under the ‘Bonus terms and conditions’ section of the casino website. We highly recommend players to read and understand these conditions and take full advantages of these bonuses offered.

Loyalty bonuses and VIP programs

Loyalty programs, as the name suggests, are for players who have regularly partnered with the same casino for a considerable period of time. Gamblers who enjoy their games regularly at the casino not only get regular bonuses like free cash, free spins, but additional benefits, some of which can hold high value to their customers.  Through loyalty programs, casinos offer their regular customers additional bonuses and incentives to make sure they don’t lose their most valued players.

VIP programs and Loyalty bonuses run along similar lines, and the whole idea behind them is to provide additional benefits to loyal players and the high-rollers and preserve them.

VIP Clubs normally have tiers, the basic rule is, the more you wager the higher up the tier level you go and the more you actually profit at the end with massive benefits and beyond the top prizes. Once you get to the top, the casino treats you like a true King. You need to satisfy certain criteria to be a member of this Elite Casino player list. They normally assign points to high-rollers and they go up as you wager and so does your VIP level.

Take EmuCasino for instance, they have 3 tiers in their EmuCasino vip club; EmuCasino Silver, Gold and Platinum, Platinum being the top-level. As you go up, they offer better match deposit bonuses, better cash-back offers and lots of free spins and cash drops. NO codes, no strings attached, if you’re worthy, you’re in.

Many casinos also follow a system of Comp points where the player is given points whenever they wager. These points hold a certain value, some of which carry a dollar amount and others with massive prizes. Players redeem the cash or receive the prize after reaching a benchmark.

Some of the casinos offer ‘Cash-back’ as their loyalty program. Casinos accumulate a certain amount of credits that they give out to players as a loyalty bonus and the amount depends on the player’s wagering habits.

It is important for a player to understand and claim all the benefits that a casino owes them for being a loyal customer. If the website does not provide any clear and adequate information, there is no harm asking the casino what they can offer you.