Pokie strategies

Gamblers often make the mistake of thinking that slots play involves just pure luck, and whilst it is true that luck is an essential part of successful slot play, there are several strategies that might be able to maximize your bank roll, make it through those pesky wagering requirements and increase your chances of a big win. First of all, it should be noted that in terms of slots game play, there are no strategies that can increase your chances of winning by actually changing the payout rates. Despite this, these are plenty of ways that you can give yourself the greatest chances of maximizing your profits while playing online slots.

Slot is a true gambler’s game where you require no special skills or knowledge in order to play. But like any casino game, there are strategic ways to bet your money. These strategies can be best applied with online pokies rather than traditional land based games because it involves juggling around a wide betting range which is called betting variance and maximizing use of bonuses that are mostly exclusive to online pokies and other internet games.

Here, we explain Slot Strategies in two ways focusing on 2 different intentions to play. First is playing slot games to win i.e. maximize your bank roll and the other is getting through those wagering requirements. While some strategies may apply to both scenarios, there are few that might be especially effective in each of those situations.



Again, these strategies do not guarantee a win or change any house odds. Our slot strategy shows you how you can gain the most from playing slots. There are no real proven mathematical strategies for slots that work long term, if there were, casinos would go bust. Your slot strategy is just a plan for you to make most of your deposit and hopefully make a withdrawal of your big win.

So let’s start with the basics, like MONEY MANAGEMENT.

Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose. One way to help avoid overspending is to take time to pick the stakes that are right for you. Let’s say you have a bank roll of $50.  Instead of placing a wager of $1 that last 50 spins, it might be more efficient placing a small wager of around 20 cents that will last 250 spins – that’s quite a while. It’s important to remember that most of that money should come back as most of the slots are configured on an average of 95% payout percentage. The trick is to last your play enough while the odds swing towards your favour.

One of the biggest mistakes that slot players make when playing online is to not bet the maximum paylines when they are playing for a jackpot. Nothing can be more disappointing than seeing the correct symbols slam to a stop on a line where you placed no wager. On games where the jackpot is not determined based on your total wager but more on maximum number of coins, you are at no advantage when betting more than the minimum bet on each payline. While the winning may be small each time, you are at a better advantage by repeatedly winning 25 cents until you have won a total of $20 than you are by betting $20.00 on a single spin and hoping for the best.


Explaining Variance

You may have read a lot of variance talk going around when it comes to slot strategies but many players hardly understand what variance in terms of slots actually is. A players betting behaviour while playing slots come down to variance which is rated from Low-Very High and corresponds to the likely hood of multiplying your bet.

Low Variance means you will have lots of small hits, but the big wins of let’s say 500 coins are rarer. High Variance is when you have one large hit but less small wins over the same period of time. In high variance slots, you do not win any bits for a period of time and then Boom, you hit a huge prize.

Now you know what variances are, it is up to you on how to manipulate your betting behaviour. With a low bank roll, a high variance slot can eat it all up in a matter of few spins, yet it could pop a huge win right away. You could play a high variance slot until you hit something good and carry that win forward to a low variance slot. Slot machines with a low variance are preferable when playing for fun and when meeting wagering requirements on casino promotions. Slots with high variance are preferable when playing to win. A quick and dirty way to determine variance is to examine the pay table. A machine with a combo that pays out 10,000 coins or more likely has high variance, and any machine without is likely mid to low.



Most casinos offer overwhelming bonuses to their players but they always have terms and conditions attached to them. The most common clause to bonuses is fulfilling the wagering requirement to convert the bonus to cash. Many players still find this clause hard to understand so here is a brief description of wagering requirement. A sign-in bonus of $100 and a 30X turnover means that a player has to play certain casino games and wager $100X30 = $3000 in order to convert the bonus into cash. Casinos weight each game differently to fulfill the requirement meaning each game does not contribute 100%. For example a 10% cover for blackjack means if a player wagers $20 on a game of blackjack, only $2.00 contributes to the wagering requirement. Most slot games have a 100% contribution which is why the following strategies are provided so players have a better chance of converting bonus into cash.

Now let’s get more into how you might have a more strategic approach getting through those requirements by not only clicking spin on random slot games but manipulating your wagering behaviour and choosing the correct games. A fact that players need to keep in their mind is that just winning is not enough in this scenario; you have to pour back the credits to the casino. So this process of winning and losing again, Turnover, needs a strategy to win and a strategy to lose.

The first and chief aim for every player is to hit appropriate bonus game or free extra re-spins with high prizes and excellent pay-outs. Trust us when we say players will never make it through the requirements if they expect to win through regular payouts. It is Impossible. So what players need to target is a game with ample features. And not just any features, try to get the ones that are more realistic and have a good possibility of coming around once in a while. Hitting a jackpot is a great way but we’d say that is a bit too ambitious. By the time you hit the jackpot, you’ll probably have lost your opportunity to win your bonus amount. Try going more for slots with features like stacking wild, free spins with multipliers and so on. If you are reading this, you probably already know the array of features offered by slots so we won’t bother you with more examples.
Betting Behaviour

With basic slots, without a progressive jackpot, it is not so essential that you play maximum bet, particularly when playing on a limited bank roll but even so it is better strategy. If you take a closer look at the pay tables on most slots, you will see that the payout table is loaded to give maximum coin play the advantage. To use an example, on a three coin slot you may find that the payout for 2 coins is say 20 credits, but the payout for 3 coins is not 30 credits as you would expect but 40 credits – which after just a few spins will give you a much higher potential return on your investment. If your bank roll is limited, it is far better to bet max on a lower denomination machine than a coin or so, on a higher denomination machine. Over time, betting the maximum will always give a better % return on your money than playing just minimum bet.

Another good betting behaviour during a limited bank roll is setting a target on your spin which can be done through using a feature in slots that many players ignore, Autoplay. Let’s play players are offered $150 as bonus. Now players can calculate what the most efficient way to spend that bonus. Either they can wager $50 in 3 spins coming up with basically nothing or they can spend that amount in small portions like 120 spins at $0.25 on a max bet (assuming 5 coins).
Combining games

We also suggest players to play games they are more confident in and which actually require more skills than slots like Blackjack or Video Poker. Even though they might not contribute 100% on the wagering requirements, a good win in those games can always be carried forward to slots. Place the wins on non-slot games as bets on slots which most of the time contributes 100% towards fulfilling wagering requirements.


Double up or Gamble Feature

The Gamble Feature can reduce the high house edge of slots to a reasonable house edge per unit. After a decent win, doubling and either winning or losing on a gamble feature can both turn out to be an advantage. If you win, the win amount is doubled which can be further used to complete a good portion of the requirement and if you lose, you already have completed a portion of the wagering requirement. Do keep in mind that this strategy works only if doubling counts towards the wagering requirements and is not restricted in the Terms and Conditions.


Working with Variances

The best way to start is to simply play to high payout percentage all casino have when you open a new account and hit the high variance slots hard and get your balance up high and then drop you bet down gradually till you make the requirements. In order to get your balance up high through a high variance game, the chief aim for every player would be to hit appropriate bonus game or free extra re-spins with high prizes and excellent pay-outs.

The main strategy for bonuses with wagering requirement occurs after a big win. If you keep making high variance bets throughout the wagering, you are almost never likely to complete the wagering. So instead we recommend decreasing variance and having a better chance of making cash out. At this point it would be smarter to switch to a lower variance slot or even changing to a non-slot game (if allowed) and making smaller bets.

Players can still make it through the wagering requirements through high variance games but if you choose that option, we recommend you to place small size bets.

This behaviour of changing variances is called Two-tier betting. It involves making higher variance bets until reaching a target gain, then switching to normal variance bets to complete the remaining wagering requirements.