Online casino Beginner’s Guide provides a beginner’s guide to direct you in the best, most profitable and most secure way of gambling online without any confusion and problems and with complete fairness.

Choosing the right Casino

You probably know by now there are hundreds of online casinos floating around on the internet. So how do you know which one is the best for you without playing and wagering on it? The only solution to this is to research as much as you can about the casino. Read casino reviews. There are sites (including that have genuinely reviewed the top online casinos and posted their authentic view on the overall aspects of the casino. Every feature of these casinos have been commented on and rated by well-experienced professionals.

After reading these reviews, see what other players have to say about the casinos, and see what they think is best. Read through the player comments and feedbacks on the casino you’ve liked so far and on the other ones as well. The best lesson is to learn from other’s experience and here at we firmly believe that.
Choose the positives, filter the negatives and type in that website name for further research and inquiries.

What to look for as soon as you enter?

Of course all these casinos have spend thousands of dollars on design and style (which is good, don’t get us wrong, it’s necessary for a realistic casino experience), but that does not mean we’ll let you register straight away. Look for aspects that show the authenticity of the casino. A good casino will always brag on its credential that certify they are genuine and approved by all the authorized bodies. It is vital that you ensure the casinos have been authorized by a trusted licensing body like Curacao eGaming License Authority, Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta, UK Gambling Commission and more. Also look for logos of other associations like the eCogra seal which certifies the fairness of the casino and other icons that signify that the casino supports responsible gambling.

The software client associated with the casino also tells a lot about the casino. A good software company will link itself with only good casinos. See the software that the casino uses and research on the software itself. After all, what surrounds the person is what defines the person.

Now that you know the affiliates of the casino, it’s time to know the casino and what it has to offer. Checking out the initial bonuses of the casino is a great way to start. A casino shows its confidence by offering great sign-up bonuses and other start up bonuses to welcome its new player. All bonuses have their wagering requirements. Go through the bonus terms and conditions properly and make sure there are no strings attached, which brings us to our other research aspect, TRANSPARENCY.

Players have every right to know what they are getting into and a good casino always understands that, which is why the good ones always elaborate their terms and condition for the users.

Play for free mode

Before signing up as a registered player, we suggest you heat your hands with practice mode that most casinos allow players to play. This is a great way of experiencing the games before playing then for real money. Make sure you’re comfortable with all the aspects of the game. We even advise you to select you favorite ones from each category so that you can come back to them and play for real money.

Now you register and take the first step of a long and enjoyable gambling experience. For user convenience, most casinos have made this step very easy and straight-forward and follow similar, if not the same, process.

  • Enter your basic personal details such as a Username (can be an alias name), your selected password, a valid email address, First name, Last name, region/Country, gender, date of birth, telephone number etc. You can also setup the language you want the casino in.
  • Make sure you provide a genuine, private email address and telephone number because most casinos send a verification code through these mediums to verify your details.
  • The next step would be verifying your identity by entering the verification code into the website as a part of their security check.
  • Receive confirmation through email or via text message on your phone that your registration is successful.

After you register, you have opened a cash account and a bonus account with the casino. Any deposits made by you are added to your cash account where as any deposits made by the casino for you as a bonus is added to your bonus account. The bonus is convertible to cash only after the players meet the casinos wagering requirements.
Now that you’ve become a real player in the casino, it’s time to deposit some real cash. This is one of the vital steps a player takes so just make sure you choose the right option among the numerous selections that good casinos offer. You can choose between types of debit/credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards or other online electronic transfer services whose detail you can find in the ‘Deposit Methods’ page.

Selecting and playing the game

Let the fun begin. Select a game to start with and make sure you don’t go crazy on the first try. Understand the games first. We recommend you start with a simple pokie. Know how many pay lines they have, understand how the combinations work, what bonus features they attribute and then finally go for the spin with a relatively small wager. Make sure you know what you’re doing and how the virtual machine works on every spin and combination. Bonus games are common in pokies so read the instructions on the bonus game carefully. You are sure to feel comfortable following a few spins and after you get your first win, you morale is sure to boost. This goes for any other game you choose.
Roulettes have a similar theory in practice. Select a small size chip first and then see what random numbers are generated to give you an idea of where the game is heading. The same goes for Video Poker, Blackjack and Other games. Unless you fell insanely lucky, do not try and go crazy on wagering. Playing smart is definitely the key to minimizing any risks that you have of losing.


Winning on casino games

Winning is the biggest part of playing at an online casino. What players need to understand is that all wins are not the same here. There are basically 2 types of wins in an online casino game.
First is your regular win. For instance, your spin the reels on a pokie game and get a combination that pays you 5 credits. The credit is instantly added to your account and is cashable. The same goes for Roulettes and Other games.
The other type is Bonus win. In the case of pokies, you spin the reels and receive a combination through which you can play a bonus game. This bonus game will win you bonus credits which is not added to your casino account but instead added to your bonus account. To cash these credits you need to meet the wagering requirements of the casino. This may vary according to games so make sure you know all the clauses before you are caught by surprise.

Withdrawing your casino winnings

We remind you again that only the balance in your cash account can be taken out and most casinos have a withdrawal limit. They only allow you to cash out a limited amount a week or month depending on the casino. For instance, EmuCasino allows you to withdrawal $10000 or equivalent per month. Most casinos do not charge for any withdrawals but some still do depending on the number of times you have withdrawn from your account within a span of time.
For security purposes, the casino demands some legit documents in order to verify that the money is being withdrawn by the correct person. This may include a passport copy, a utility bill, or some other form of address or ID proof.
A small drawback of withdrawal methods is the time frame taken to actually receive the money in your bank accounts. This mostly depends on the method of withdrawal a player prefers. Bank transfers normally take around 7 working days to complete the transaction. E-wallets are a fast way to withdraw your money as it generally takes 24 hours for you to receive your wins. For debit/credit cards, the processing time is around 3-5 days and for prepaid cards like Ukash, the transaction time is 24 hours. This time span depends on the mode of withdrawals and the precise transaction time can be found in the withdrawal section of the casino.

Entering the Loyalty Club

This is the place for the Fat Cats and the high rollers. This special place in a casino is for their most valued players and being part of this club signified you are among the premium players in that casino. You get to be part of this loyalty program only if the casino thinks you are eligible for this stature and met all the requirements for gaining access to this elite club.

Apart from the regular bonuses and benefits, this club enables you to access some outstanding and exclusive benefits like reduced transaction fees, reduced transaction time, personalized customer support, access to exclusive games, tournaments and events etc. Most casinos have a tier system for their VIP Club where the most loyal you prove to be, their higher up you go and the more benefits you get. This is a great way for casinos to give back benefits to their loyal customers. For more information, go to the Loyalty Program or VIP club section on the casino website.

EmuCasino loyalty program | Emupoints

EmuCasino loyalty program | Emupoints

Using Customer Service

The most important attire for a casino is undoubtedly its Customer Service. Casinos with good and prompt customer service will always allow player to feel comfortable wagering in the casino. We highly recommend all players to take full advantage of a casino’s customer service and ask any query without hesitation. After all, they are there to serve you, the customers. A casino can be well judged by their customer service. Professionally trained, polite customer service important but the most essential attribute is they should solve any problem or answer any customer query. Good casinos have 24 hours live chats, emails and phones to provide customer service.

As you go through you journey to choosing a casino, registering and wagering with them, suggests you to take help from the casino itself upon any query without any hesitation.
Have fun!