Imagine you have a hundred dollars in your pocket, and for some reason you decided to use it for betting.

And you have not really tried this before. But out of curiosity, you feel like trying to give it all, and wait, until your name is announced as the winner.

A winner, your name written on a big banner with balloons and all. Winner. Big-time. Family and friends will definitely admire you for being bold.

People will admire you, too. For someone who has no experience in gambling — wow, that is quite an experience. but the ever-burning question in mind lingers.

“Should I bet, or not?” That is really up to you.

Any gambler will tell you this: Use your brains. Are you good at Math? Not Algebra nor Calculus, but the basics. As long as you can add numbers in your head.

Can you? Then good. That is skill enough. Now, wouldn’t it be better IF you only take less of that hundred bucks, though? Just for kicks. And just to be sure.

Otherwise, if worse comes to worse, you won’t lose ANYTHING. Not that much, anyway. But wait, don’t throw the bill just yet. There are still things you should know, and you’ll be thankful that you read this.

Even though you have seen your father, or your brother win at any Poker game, you better think twice if you should sit at the table now, or not.

Whoever said that betting ASAP could make you a winner overnight was a liar. because that line is a total lie. Gamblers don’t just throw their money away by instinct; they do it because they calculate the odds first.

Always remember this. Not just in Poker, but to any other game you care to put your money in.

Ok, so you gambled, but lost. That is just all right; how much did you bet? $10? That’s small compared that hundred bucks you are so itching to roll. You may go a bit higher this time, but you know by now what your faults may be.

Have you gone a little reckless, and allowed your opponent to outwit you? Tsk. still, that’s just ok, as long as you absorbed his or her betting techniques. That would save you from further mistakes — keen observation all along the game, none the wiser.

So now, you won $25 this time. Very good. I saw you do it, and you were so much relaxed than the first time I watched you play.

You lost ten dollars, but won a twenty-five. Not bad. You’re learning well. And fast, too.

However, do NOT forget that you should keep an eye on your earnings. Avoid betting your hard-earned prize just to get the highest. Not just yet.

Consider this as something valuable, for you may have to use it for something big, say, a Poker tournament.

That being said, good luck! And may you learn more; in spite of the losses you will experience in the future. Just don’t get addicted — you’ll be fine.

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